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What Consensus and Egalitarianism Teach us about the NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)

Posted by livininsanity on February 16, 2011

How my Diverse Experiences Living in Alternative Communities Informs about the NFL Community’s CBA

I have lived in communities based on consensus and egalitarianism. I know that makes me a freak of nature, but it also provides me with additional insight about the NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Both consensus and egalitarian communities and the NFL’s CBA process require lots of diverse people to come together and agree. Or, at the very least, they must agree to come to collective terms through some form of bargaining.

Finalizing agreements on large issues in consensus and/or egalitarian communities is very difficult. I’ve personally seen it take years for people to agree how to use a small space, measuring twenty-five square feet. Simultaneously, I’ve witnessed bigger projects, involving large sums of money and investment, get vetoed at the last minute, in spite of over half a decade of planning. For these reasons, Continue >

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Packers Are Great!

Posted by livininsanity on February 7, 2011

Like their logo, the Green Bay Packers are great. Aaron Rodgers is the MVP – merely because you can’t give the award to the entire defense which created three turnovers and a touchdown on an interception return by Nick Collins. The Packers’ most prolific wide reciever, Jordy Nelson, dropped numerous catches, but Rodgers kept throwing the ball for over 300 yards and three touchdowns for an offense that did not run the ball often.

When the Green Bay Packers beat the Philadelphia Eagles (in Philly) in the first game of the playoffs, I was surpised how they shut down Mike Vick. I remained surprise by the sixth seed Packers into the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. I did not believe they would win until they actually won. For that, I give them credit. Congratulations to the winners of Super Bowl XLV.

In spite of only having 50 rushing yards (the 2nd fewest by a Super Bowl Champ), Green Bay is Great!

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Truthiness to the Rescue

Posted by livininsanity on February 3, 2011

Editor’s Note: I am not against Yahoo, I am merely for truth.

The vast majority of the sports world is familiar with Peter King’s recent gaffe involving an interview with Roger Goodell. The full story is available in this week’s “Sports Illustrated.” We all know, Peter King made an error by adding “[Steelers]” when NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was NOT referring to just Pittsburgh Steelers players.

A couple days ago, I posted about Yahoo Sports running with the Dan Wetzel article “Goodell unfairly rats out Steelers over Big Ben,” in spite of the fact that Peter King retracted and corrected his error. As I said before, I think Peter King handled the situation rather well, given the circumstances.

Yahoo since amended the aforementioned article with an Editor’s Note. The note states, “Editor’s note: Sports Illustrated writer Peter King issued a clarification on a quote attributed to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell regarding Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.” However, the content, tone and message of the article “Goodell unfairly rats out Steelers over Big Ben” remains the same. In other words, it still bashes NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for throwing the [Steelers] under the bus. But, I ask you, if the commish never said [Steelers] (as SI’s Peter King points out) why are Yahoo Sports and Dan Wetzel still trying to throw Goodell under the bus?

In my opinion, an editor’s note is the lazy way out. The article should be amended or removed. I feel like I’m learning the true colors of the players in this game and, in this regard, Yahoo’s actions have disappointed me.

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Happy Black History Month

Posted by livininsanity on February 1, 2011

Happy Black History Month everyone.

In other news, Yahooo is still running (as of 2:30 pm est) with their article “Goodell unfairly rats out Steelers over Big Ben” by Dan Wetzel, in spite of the fact that Peter King issued a clarification statement (at 10:23 pm last night) about what Goodell actually said.
For the real and latest story, read Peter King’s “Mailbag: Answering questions on Goodell/Roethlisberger clarification.” I think Peter King has handled his error quite well. Unfortunately, certain others fail to see they’ve even made an error.

The author of this post has a slight conflict of interest, in that said author might be shooting said self in the foot by posting this. However, the truth is not always fun.

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Oscar Nominees Are Announced – Time to Speculate

Posted by livininsanity on January 26, 2011

Oscar nominees were announced today. And, everyone covered it. And, from now until the Awards ceremony on February 27th (8pm est), everyone will speculate about who will win. You see, once the football season is over in two weeks, we’ll need something to ease the transition of speculating on a big event. For two more weeks, we can continue to speculate on the Superbowl.
After the superbowl, we will be lucky. We won’t have to experience withdrawal from the predicting, betting and speculating. No, we’ll have the 83rd annual Academy Awards. Just like every other year that the football season ends. We transition our way with movies, courtesy of Oscars. Because we need another big event to fill our needs of predicting, betting and speculating.
I do more than my fair share of Oscar speculating in these featured articles:
*Golden Globe Awards an Indication of Academy Award (Oscar) Success?
*Will a Golden Globe Best Motion Picture Award Winner Win an Academy Award (Oscar) for Best Motion Picture?
*2011 Academy Award (Oscar) Nominees: Best Actor in a Leading Role
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NFL News and Notes

Posted by livininsanity on January 21, 2011

This week in NFL News, I learned that a record 56 college football players opted to leave college early to head for the NFL. Meanwhile, the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement is still set to expire in June. NFL players have visited Capitol Hill to try to gain the support of Congress in the matter; although, Congress would rather stay out of the disagreement, if possible. Moves have been made this week to help the bargaining process, but results seem far away. So, the decision of so many college football players to leave early for the NFL does not necessarily make sense. Other than to say that these youngsters may not care one way or the other about what happens with the NFL’s CBA. After all, if a rookie wage scale is implemented, which has been discussed, they have little control over it.

Rex Ryan, for the second week in a row, is taking the correct action, considering his upcoming opponent. By yapping against the Pats, he got Welker to talk, Belichik to bench Welker and the Pats off their game. Rex’s usual yapping style was a perfect juxtaposition to Belichick’s hard, disciplined demeanor. What some people fail to understand is that in the Bill Belichick vs Rex Ryan match, Rex Ryan wins the approval ratings any day of the week. No one likes Bill Belichick. Sure, they may respect him, but they generally don’t like him. Mike Tomlin, on the other hand, is a different character. People like him. So, Rex must act different. And, this makes Rex a great coach. That and beating Peyton Manning and Tom Brady in the last two games to reach the AFC Championship.

I also debate the question, “Should Martellus Bennett Keep on Tweeting via Twitter?”

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NFL Season Kicks Off!

Posted by livininsanity on September 7, 2009

For you NFL enthusiasts, see all the National Football League Week 1 Matchups, Times, Television Broadcast Stations and Predictions here.

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Jump on the Bandwagon Haters

Posted by livininsanity on October 5, 2008

Because the Washington Redskins are 4-1.  It doesn’t take Nostradamus to predict the Redskins would be awesome this season – the last time the New York Giants won the Superbowl, the Washington Redskins won the Superbowl the following year (1991/92).  And, who won the Superbowl last year?  Need I say more?  No, I do not.  History dictates that the Redskins are going to be stellar this year.  Jim Zorn helps too.

Great job Jim Zorn.  I’d also like to give a shout out to Greg Blache.


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The First Weekend of the NFL Season…

Posted by livininsanity on September 8, 2008

Is fully underway, with only two games to go and there were some surprising results.  Did the Chicago Bears actually beat the Indianapolis Colts 29-13?  Is Tom Brady out for the season, due to a possible season ending ACL injury to the knee?  That’s ironic, since this was the first week Tom Brady was not on the injury list since 2004.  You read that right.  Shifty Belichick put Tom Brady on the weekly injury list every game from 2004 until this last week.  Odd since Brady was slightly injured throughout the preseason.  Anyway, when Belichick took Brady off the injury list (when he might actually have a slight injury), it resulted in, you guessed it, an injury.  And, it might  be bad.  I can’t help but think of the word “comeupance” (is it actually a word) as bad as it may sound.

Atlanta didn’t play a stellar defense in Detroit, but how did the Falcons put up 34 points and WIN!  Crazy.  Matt Ryan’s first professional pass was a TD.  Michael Turner (former San Diego LT backup) tore it up for the Falcons.  And, it looks like the Atlanta Falcons might actually be able to beat the Georgia Bulldogs (I previously had my doubts).  To think, Atlantans might have something to cheer for already.  Crazy.

I’ll tell you, it was fun to see Brett Favre play, no matter what team he played for (The Jets).  His first play action touchdown pass was sweet – and came on a Brett Faver audible.  His second touchdown was like a hail mary “shot put.”  Those last two words are courtesy of Brett Favre himself.  And, the Jets beat the Dolphins 20-14.

I like football, I’m glad the season’s back and I look forward to the Vikings / Packers game tonight. (Sorry Denver / Oakland, I just don’t care about you.  Although, McFadden might be something to see.)

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Washington Redskins Player of the Game

Posted by livininsanity on September 4, 2008

The NFL season began tonight with the Washington Redskins vs the New York Giants. The Redskins offense did not look good in the 16-7 loss. But, in spite of it all, the Washington Redskins player of the game is Andre Carter, according to me.

Andre Carter made what was maybe a touchdown saving tackle on Brandon Jacobs, which is a feat considering he’s a defensive end. Andre Carter made the tackle from behind after Brandon Jacobs had broken through the rest of the Redskins defense.

The Redskins also had one turnover – a Fred Smoot interception on an errant Eli Manning pass. I credit Andre Carter for the play, as he pressured and hit Eli Manning. Andre Carter also shared a sack with Laron Landry when Landry blitzed up the middle.

The first game of the season leaves a lot to be desired, but at least Andre Carter won my Washington Redskins Player of the Game award. Sorry London Fletcher, I know you had 17 tackles, but I had to give it to Andre Carter on this one. (Anyway, London Fletcher was named the Pizza Hut Player of the Game – so, he got his… pizza, that is.)

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