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Mardi Gras Coming Soon!

Posted by livininsanity on February 24, 2011

Mardi Gras festivities begin tomorrow, February 25th, with floats beginning to hit the streets. Find out Why You Should Have Your Bachelor or Bachelorette Party at Mardi Gras.

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Buster Olney Says What About Derek Jeter?

Posted by livininsanity on February 21, 2011

This is just bad reporting by ESPN MLB analyst Buster Olney:

In the “Olney Jeter Report” Derek Jeter states, “I can’t say that I’m any more motivated by anything that’s gone on in the off-season. I’m pretty motivated coming in every season.”

And, then, magically, the very next words we hear are those of Buster Olney saying, “Jeter is focused more on refining changes he has made in his hitting mechanics, cutting down on his stride after batting just two seventy last year.”

If I was Deion Sanders, I’d have to hit you with the “Hold on Playa” #HOP. But, I’m not. My first thought was, “this is bad reporting,” but then I thought maybe someone paid off Buster Olney to try to raise Jeter’s value in contract negotiations with the Yankees. I’m not sure which line of reasoning makes more sense, but that bit of reporting sure does not.

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A Letter to Currently-Suspended-Teacher Natalie Munroe

Posted by livininsanity on February 16, 2011

Dear Natalie Munroe,

Did you ever approach the school board and tell them the system is not creating the brightest youth? That the school system you teach for is not educating the children of America? Is the school board to large an authority? Okay, did you ever approach the School District Attendant? Sorry, still too big? Did you talk to the principal of your school, about how the school was doing with educating the youth of America? No? Hmm. Were there any other teachers in the school who you discussed your gripes with, in hopes that maybe you could figure out a way to help the kids? Did other teachers share your concerns? Did you get together and take your issues to the Principal or some higher authority? No? Because if things are so bad, it seems like this would be easy to do, is it not? Is the school system so broken that not even one of its’ own teachers can penetrate its’ stubborn desire to avoid change and progress? Are the vast majority of America’s youth destined to spend the better part of their youth not receiving an education, whether in school terms, disciplinary terms or any other method that would help them live in the future? Are we that screwed? Is our school system so limiting with regard to teacher input, that you felt scared to say anything to anyone… unless it was anonymous? If that’s the case, why didn’t you quit? Did you have a noble cause? A higher purpose? Did you think you could stick it out and change things in ten or twenty years? Is that why you needed the blog to vent? So you could be the change you see in the World… thirty years down the line when you’re a principal or other more powerful entity? Is that the thing that kept you teaching while berating your kids behind their back? Please tell me it is, because if it’s not, I can only ask one more question, ‘What is it?’
Thank you.



P.S. You can respond in the comments section.

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Where Are We Going and Why Are We in This HandBasket?

Posted by livininsanity on February 16, 2011

The title of this post is the name of the blog teacher Natalie Munroe was writing, until Central Bucks East High School suspended her for writing it. Within the confines of the blog, started in August 2009, the teacher called her students a number of names, such as lazy, whiny and unmotivated. Currently, the web is abuzz about the topic, since this brings up a question of free speech.

Natalie Munroe was blogging relatively annonymously. Her name on the blog was “Natalie M.” and never mentioned the school she worked at. However, in my estimation, the usage of the moniker “Natalie M.” is not all that annonymous. (But, I digress.)

Admittedly, Natalie Munroe raises a valid point that today’s youth is not the best, when stereotypically viewed as one entity. She seems to often blame parents, which is a valid point. However, it is also valid to blame the teachers, the school system, today’s mediated world and a number of other factors. Either way, complaining on an “annonymous blog” won’t change anything. Changing teaching styles could. A real teacher would attempt to change the students. A real parent would do the same. But, let’s stop passing the buck and let’s all take the blame. After all, aren’t we all at fault?

I’m reminded of a quotation: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” I would expand the quote to include women, too.

In other words, Natalie Munroe’s students may be lazy and whiny, but Natalie Munroe is a lazy, whiny teacher.

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What Consensus and Egalitarianism Teach us about the NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)

Posted by livininsanity on February 16, 2011

How my Diverse Experiences Living in Alternative Communities Informs about the NFL Community’s CBA

I have lived in communities based on consensus and egalitarianism. I know that makes me a freak of nature, but it also provides me with additional insight about the NFL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Both consensus and egalitarian communities and the NFL’s CBA process require lots of diverse people to come together and agree. Or, at the very least, they must agree to come to collective terms through some form of bargaining.

Finalizing agreements on large issues in consensus and/or egalitarian communities is very difficult. I’ve personally seen it take years for people to agree how to use a small space, measuring twenty-five square feet. Simultaneously, I’ve witnessed bigger projects, involving large sums of money and investment, get vetoed at the last minute, in spite of over half a decade of planning. For these reasons, Continue >

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Kevin Smith Takes “Red State” on Tour and I’m Excited

Posted by livininsanity on February 11, 2011

Hollywood is Seeing Red Thinking About Kevin Smith’s “Red State” U.S.A. Tour
Town to Town Movie Release Excites Me More Than Movie

As a general movie-goer, I’m not immensely excited about watching Kevin Smith’s newest movie “Red State.” However, as a former Sundance Film Festival entrant, independent filmmaker and screenwriter, I love what Kevin Smith is doing with his latest movie “Red State.” I feel like it is my duty to support Kevin Smith, even if half of Hollywood thinks he’s having a mid-life crisis and/or imploding. They’re just saying that because… well, I don’t know… to be sensationalistic, to garner press, maybe they’re jealous that they’ll never have a chance to distribute the movie. Perhaps, everyone in Hollywood is bashing Kevin Smith exactly because they know that he is on the verge of changing the Hollywood game. Kevin Smith is attempting to change the status quo and that is scaring a lot of people enmeshed in a broken Hollywood system. No longer will they make the big bucks the same old way. At least, that’s what Kevin Smith is hoping. And, that’s what I’m hoping, which is why I kind of feel like it’s my duty to fork over $70 or more to see “Red State.”

Continue Reading >

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Today, I Issue a Restraining Order Against Facebook

Posted by livininsanity on February 8, 2011

Stop Stalking Me, Facebook
A Plea to Facebook to Stop Stalking Me

Granted, I have previously admitted that it can be beneficial to have a stalker. (Feel free to click that link and read that article before continuing here.)

However, I never wanted an entire corporation and/or website to stalk me, especially one as octopus-like as Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg recently acquired a restraining order against a Facebook user for, I don’t know, poking him too much? Maybe the Facebook user was advertising to Mark too much. Read More >

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Packers Are Great!

Posted by livininsanity on February 7, 2011

Like their logo, the Green Bay Packers are great. Aaron Rodgers is the MVP – merely because you can’t give the award to the entire defense which created three turnovers and a touchdown on an interception return by Nick Collins. The Packers’ most prolific wide reciever, Jordy Nelson, dropped numerous catches, but Rodgers kept throwing the ball for over 300 yards and three touchdowns for an offense that did not run the ball often.

When the Green Bay Packers beat the Philadelphia Eagles (in Philly) in the first game of the playoffs, I was surpised how they shut down Mike Vick. I remained surprise by the sixth seed Packers into the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. I did not believe they would win until they actually won. For that, I give them credit. Congratulations to the winners of Super Bowl XLV.

In spite of only having 50 rushing yards (the 2nd fewest by a Super Bowl Champ), Green Bay is Great!

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Truthiness to the Rescue

Posted by livininsanity on February 3, 2011

Editor’s Note: I am not against Yahoo, I am merely for truth.

The vast majority of the sports world is familiar with Peter King’s recent gaffe involving an interview with Roger Goodell. The full story is available in this week’s “Sports Illustrated.” We all know, Peter King made an error by adding “[Steelers]” when NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell was NOT referring to just Pittsburgh Steelers players.

A couple days ago, I posted about Yahoo Sports running with the Dan Wetzel article “Goodell unfairly rats out Steelers over Big Ben,” in spite of the fact that Peter King retracted and corrected his error. As I said before, I think Peter King handled the situation rather well, given the circumstances.

Yahoo since amended the aforementioned article with an Editor’s Note. The note states, “Editor’s note: Sports Illustrated writer Peter King issued a clarification on a quote attributed to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell regarding Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.” However, the content, tone and message of the article “Goodell unfairly rats out Steelers over Big Ben” remains the same. In other words, it still bashes NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for throwing the [Steelers] under the bus. But, I ask you, if the commish never said [Steelers] (as SI’s Peter King points out) why are Yahoo Sports and Dan Wetzel still trying to throw Goodell under the bus?

In my opinion, an editor’s note is the lazy way out. The article should be amended or removed. I feel like I’m learning the true colors of the players in this game and, in this regard, Yahoo’s actions have disappointed me.

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Happy Black History Month, Again

Posted by livininsanity on February 2, 2011

I’d say Happy Groundhog Day, but it just doesn’t feel right stealing Black History’s thunder on just the second day of the month. But, now that I’ve said Happy Black History Month, Happy Groundhog Day. P. Phil – the groundhog – looked around and based on the direction he gazed, in correlation with the location of the sun and his body, it has been determined that we will have an early spring.

An early spring. I guess that means March won’t have the record cold weather that December was known for? If spring comes early, does that mean the shorter winter will be harsher? I mean, I merely happened to be paying a bit of attention to the entire country gettting hit by an avalanche of snow and ice the past 24 hours.

I won’t even begin to discuss the validity of the notion of an early spring. I’ll continue to assume spring will happily roll along in March. However, should I take cover for the next month as we have another ice age? If you have any thoughts on P. Phil and the superstitions surrounding Groundhog Day, feel free to leave a comment explaining your stance. Although, I’d totally understand if you think it’s a waste of your time. :P

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